Occupational Mental Health Assessment Service

As well as affecting employees’ quality of life and overall productivity, mental disorders are among the most prevalent causes of sickness absence and work disability, and can lead to increased turnover and unemployment.  

In partnership with Spectrum Mental Health we are now offering an Occupational Mental Health Assessment Service which will bring a greater level of clinical understanding and guidance into individual and work-place support. Our service enables your Cognate Occupational Health Professional to offer clear and transparent advice to you which in turn can bolster your ability and confidence in addressing mental health related absences.  

What is the new service? 

  • In–depth clinical assessment which provides reliable and valid clinical insight into an employee’s mental health status  
  • Clinical guidance on appropriate psychological intervention.
  • Tailored recommendations for organisational support to engage employee in returning to work 

Who is it suitable for? 

  • Cases where an employee is presenting with repeated and longer-term episodes of sickness absence and may be experiencing mild to severe mental health presentations. These may include depression, anxiety, complicated grief, trauma related stress reactions, phobias, agoraphobia and manic depression.  

What are the benefits? 

  • Access to tailored and detailed clinical insight into an employee’s current mental health status. 
  • A transparent and outcome-oriented sickness absence management process, in which the employee stays fully involved.  
  • Prevent further deterioration of your employee’s mental health. 
  • Reduce unnecessary turnover and unemployment. 
  • Reduce escalating financial and health costs (to your organisation and employee).
  • Challenge perceived stigma around accessing mental health services which can be a further barrier to people pro-actively seeking support.   

If you would like to know more about how this service might benefit you and your organisation, please contact your Cognate Occupational Health Professional or info@cognatehealth.ie