ISO Accreditations

Cognate Health have been assessed by NSAI and has been deemed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 in respect of “The provision of occupational health consulting and services”. We have established a Quality and Information Security Policy detailing its commitments and establishing the framework for planning and improving both management systems, which is available to all interested parties.

Cognate Health adopts the following principles to support their commitment to quality and information security:

Availability: Information is only accessible to authorised persons from within or outside the company.

Communication: Quality and Information Security objectives, and performance in achieving these objectives, throughout the organisation and to interested parties. Report and Investigate all breaches of information security and suspected weaknesses.

Compliance: Comply with all business and legal, statutory or regulatory requirements, and contractual security obligations.

Confidentiality: Data and information assets is confined to people authorized to access and not disclosed to others.

Continuity: Monitoring, improving, and testing the effectiveness of the Quality and Information Security Management Systems while making best use of its management resources to better meet the requirements.

Customers and Suppliers: Communicating frequently with our customers to fully understand their needs and reduce customer complaints by ensuring quality services are delivered to our customers. Work closely with our customers and suppliers in seeking to establish appropriate information security standards.

Employees: Training and awareness is provided to all personnel on different areas and are informed that compliance with the policy is mandatory.

Integrity: Data is kept intact, complete and accurate and Information technology systems operational.

Shareholders: Look out for the best interest of the company, help it achieve a competitive position in the market and maintain a profitable operation for the economic benefit of our shareholders, taking into account the principles of corporate governance.


The above principles are understood by all employees to continue to drive a strong quality and information security culture at all levels of our organisation.

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