Benefits of Workplace Support Services:


  • Offers mentoring and training to help neurodivergent employees advance in their careers.
  • With proper support, these employees can perform to their best ability, improving self-esteem.
  • Neurodivergent individuals might experience heightened stress in certain workplace environments. Workplace Support Services can offer coping strategies and tools for stress management.
  • Workplace Support Service can aid in recognizing and harnessing the unique skills and strengths of neurodivergent employees, ensuring they are in roles where they can shine.

Who is it suitable for?

Companies that may have neurodiverse employees requiring support, in particular those with a diagnosis of ADHD or ASD that are experiencing challenges within the workplace. These challenges can include things such as time management, organisational issues, sensory issues in the work environment, and difficulties communicating within the workplace.

The service will be completely virtual to facilitate ease of access, and it will include 3 main sessions. These include an initial 1 hour consultation where the individual will be assessed using an occupation-based model. This aims to identify the main strengths and challenges of the employee, and to outline what is most important for them to address. The following two 45 min sessions then aim to address these challenges by providing practical supports which the individual can apply within their work environment.

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