Meddbase, at a Glance

Key Benefits of Meddbase for Employer

  • Utilise the tool on the move with both the desk top and mobile friendly application
  • Manage your Referrals from start to finish online and in one location
  • Manage your own online questionnaires and Pre-Employment Questionnaires
  • Visual and centralised reporting to give you a clear picture on the health of your organisation
  • Assign each HR / Referral Manager with their own login to manage their line of business
  • Admin access for Senior Management to have macro-level overview of their employees and trends
  • Set instant notifications or reminders on mobile and/or email to keep up to date with the status of your appointments
  • Manage your workplace absenteeism and tracking

Here is a brief brief overview of the key features and benefits of the Meddbase Client OH Portal

System Features

  • Data Migration
    Data is one of your organisation’s most precious resources. Ensuring accurate migration of existing data into the Meddbase system is a business-critical challenge that we have deep experience in helping our clients meet. The Data Migration Toolkit allows you to import data based on a range of field headers directly into the application. Whether bulk uploads of patient demographics, scanned documents, medical images or even full medical records. If you want to get really technical, you can push data directly to our data import service.


    Validation of your data and how it is stored within our application is critical. Our import service creates reports based on your unique dataset and informs you of potential issues when importing. For example, invalid dates of birth, titles that do not match gender as well as a host of other useful information. If you do commit data by mistake, our undo feature allows you to roll back your import.


    We have a team of data experts with extensive experience in migrating data from a wide range of clinical systems, including DGL Practice Manager, Crosscare, Lumeon, TM2 / TM3 and many more. Our goal is to make the transition to Meddbase from your existing system seamless, smooth and uninterrupted.
  • Patient Portal
    The portal provides patients with secure access to their health records 24 hours a day. It allows them secure access to a variety of the most requested patient-led features:
    • Search for availability using a range of filters
    • View slots by branch, doctor, specialism etc.
    • Book and cancel appointments
    • Make payments
    • Store card details on file
    • Complete online questionnaires & forms
    • Fill in health record & medical screening info
    • Manage prescriptions
    • Access documentation relevant to their record
    • Review their pathology results
    • Chat with the practice using instant messaging
    • Login with computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones
    Giving patients access removes the burden of staff managing and booking appointments, as well as allowing patients to manage their bookings at a time suitable to them. Our standard patient portal allows you to customise for your brand and even provides a mobile reactive version for patients on the go. Our patient portal is built around our open and flexible API. Clients wishing to fully embed the tools into their own systems and website or who would like to offer a different user experience may make use of the API.
  • Scheduling
    Keeping track of schedules and ensuring maximum resource usage can be a real challenge, even more so when managing multiple clinicians, assets and sites. It doesn’t need to be. With our enterprise resource planning (ERP) toolkit you can match available resources according to skills and availability and with our powerful appointment search tool you will never miss a slot For those who require a more visual toolset, the side-by-side scheduler allows you to quickly and easily view availability at any site and with powerful filters for isolating specific locations, equipment and individuals required for care delivery. Where speed and maximum utilisation are the primary objective, the appointment finder is a powerful search tool. Find the next available time for an appointment, even if the appointment requires multiple attendees of varying skill sets. For geographically dispersed organisations, our integrated geolocation system will only present patients with slots that make sense for their location.

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