Early Intervention Occupational Health
Service in Ireland


As businesses plan for a safe return to work following COVID-19 closures, DayOne+ is here for you.
We can supply questionnaires to your staff along with contacting and assessing those who have identified any issues, advising on appropriate return to work protocols.

A dedicated, remote, early intervention occupational health service for your employees.

DayOne+ early intervention occupational health service is designed to provide early support and intervention to employees.

It gives your employees the self-care tools, that enable them to proactively manage their health and return to work before their health becomes problematic.

Did you know? The main reported causes of frequent short-term employee absence relate to:

Return to work for musculoskeletal and mental health problems typically takes longer.

Our DayOne+ early intervention occupational health service will provide intervention on the first day someone is absent, employees are phoned by our Case Manager for a health and work assessment. 

The employee will be provided with self-care advice, tools and onward signposting to an Employee Assistance Programme, Physiotherapy etc, to enable them to take accountability for their own health and prevent chronicity of health problems and long-term absence.

We improve communications between employees and line managers by stepping in to have those potentially difficult conversations.

At all times, our case managers will keep your management informed, with consistent, clear reporting. Our approach is designed to reduce the time it takes to get employees back to health and work.

How the service works:

  1. Absentee (Employee) calls line manger / HR on day one of absence
  2.  The Line manager/HR completes the DayOne+ form on our secure portal (eOPAS)
  3. The case manager picks up the form on their e-OPAS dashboard
  4. Your case manager contacts the employee on day one of absence and offers self-care advice and informs employee of services they can self-refer to an initiative such as the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
  5. Your case manager schedules, via e-OPAS, a further telephone call at day 3 if still absent from work
  6. A written report, with the employee consent, will be provided to the manager/HR and employee through the e-OPAS portal
  7. Referral to Cognate Health occupational health practitioner occurs at day 10 of absence if the employee remains absent from work following the remote case management process.

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’Overall, we have found the remote case management process very accessible and efficient. Olive is cognisant of our organisational needs and our employees who have given feedback, have found her to be very supportive and the process to be beneficial. Positive experience overall.’

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