New Standards for Quality and Safety

Professor John Gallagher Chairs HSE Group On The Development of New Standards For Quality And Safety In Occupational Health Services In Ireland.

Last week, the HSE launched new occupational health standards for occupational health services at the very first annual conference of the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Unit Education Centre, Tallaght Hospital, Dublin. The aim of these standards is to improve the quality and safety of Occupational Health Services and support healthcare workers and all those who use these services in Ireland. Cognate Health’s Managing Director, Prof. John Gallagher, chaired the working group in their development.

The standards were developed by a broad stakeholder group comprising Occupational Health professionals, including Dr Gallagher, who have worked in various sectors nationally and internationally. They were based on HIQA’s ‘Safer Better Care Model’ and segmented according to five themes:

1. worker centred care
2. safe and effective care
3. leadership and governance
4. workforce planning
5. the use of Information

Cognate Health is a leader in the consistent delivery of occupational health services throughout Ireland. We are ISO 9001 accredited and are therefore strengthened by quality procedures and protocols in order to ensure that clients’ needs are being met to the highest possible standards.

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