Physio On-Site Service

Cognate Health are delighted to announce our new Physio On-Site Service, working with Chartered Physiotherapist Diarmuid Horgan.

We offer a physiotherapy service working closely with our team of occupational physicians to ensure an early objective assessment and appropriate interventions in the management of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Utilising a biopsychosocial framework approach with each individual assessment we will identify specific contributing factors on a case by case basis and design a comprehensive rehabilitation programme with a clear return to work pathway.

Early physiotherapy treatment of musculoskeletal disorders offers distinct advantages over delayed commencement of physiotherapy treatment for both the employer and employee.

Specifically, physiotherapy can expedite recovery in early phases following injury onset and which can benefit longer term mental health and well-being of employees. It may also reduce the need for more invasive and costly health care interventions and enable appropriate early return to work. On return to work, employees can be supported with tailored exercise and wellbeing software offering occupational health advice to aid prevention of future injury. When an issue of long-term absenteeism arises, we are well placed to work with the occupational health physician, employee, and employer to design an evidenced based rehabilitation plan to ensure a safe and sustained return to work.

Benefits of Occupation Health Physiotherapy

• Promote physical health and personal well-being in the workplace.

• Early and safe return to work and minimise absenteeism.

• Increased work productivity.

• Decreased work-related musculoskeletal disorders and costs associated with these injuries.

• Overall improved staff satisfaction and retention

Physiotherapy is clinically and cost effective at keeping people at work or helping workers return quickly after sickness absence.

For bookings or enquiries with our Physiotherapist Diarmuid, please contact or call 0818 989 322.

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