Ian O’Keeffe Appointed as Head of Finance and Operations

We are delighted to announce Ian O ‘Keeffe will be taking over a new role within Cognate Health as Head of Finance and Operations.  Ian will assume responsibility for both Finance and Operations, including IT and Compliance, providing strategic leadership across these areas.

Since joining Cognate in May 2023, Ian has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and gained extensive knowledge and understanding of various aspects of our business, making him a valuable asset to our team at Cognate Health.

Ian has extensive financial, commercial, and operational skills and a wealth of experience in   leadership, negotiation, project management and transaction-execution roles across private and public sectors in Australia and Ireland.  Ian is a graduate of UCC (BSc in Computer Science & Economics and Master’s in Business Studies), a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Prior to joining Cognate Health, Ian held positions, with Deloitte, PWC, Projects and Infrastructure Group, and the Australian Treasury.

We are confident that his contributions will further enhance our business and drive our continued success in pursuing our growth ambitions over the coming years.

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