Dayone+ Early Intervention Service

How Our Dayone+ Early Intervention Service Can Work For Your Organisation. DayOne+ is our unique early intervention remote case management system for occupational health, that can support your business. If you are interested in learning more, we have answered some questions on the service below or contact our customer relationship team, led by Denis Weir, […]

Dermot Carberry Appointed as Commercial Director of Cognate Health

We are delighted to announce Dermot Carberry will be taking over a new role within Cognate Health as Commercial Director. Dermot has over 34 years of experience across a variety of sectors both nationally and internationally at senior level in strategic commercial management and operational process improvement. He holds a wealth of knowledge and experience […]

Neurodiversity in the Workplace: Unlocking Potential and Fostering Inclusion

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving work environment, embracing diversity isn’t just a choice—it’s a strategic necessity. Organisations striving for innovation and productivity recognise that a diverse workforce brings a wealth of unique perspectives, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. One crucial aspect of diversity that deserves our attention is Neurodiversity. This blog piece acknowledges the early Identification […]

Physio On-Site Service

Cognate Health are delighted to announce our new Physio On-Site Service, working with Chartered Physiotherapist Diarmuid Horgan. We offer a physiotherapy service working closely with our team of occupational physicians to ensure an early objective assessment and appropriate interventions in the management of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Utilising a biopsychosocial framework approach with each individual assessment […]

Cognate Health Annual Networking Conference 2023

We hosted our Annual Networking Event in the Beautiful Muckross Park Hotel & Spa in November 2023, a great end to a wonderful year working with our Network of doctors. It was wonderful to get together in person to share insights and industry updates at our conference followed by a wonderful dinner and socialising.   […]

Ian O’Keeffe Appointed as Head of Finance and Operations

We are delighted to announce Ian O ‘Keeffe will be taking over a new role within Cognate Health as Head of Finance and Operations.  Ian will assume responsibility for both Finance and Operations, including IT and Compliance, providing strategic leadership across these areas. Since joining Cognate in May 2023, Ian has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills […]

New Clinic Location – Cherrywood, Co. Dublin

Cognate Health are delighted to announce the opening of our new clinic location in Cherrywood Business Park, Co. Dublin. The new clinic will enable us to further expand our progressive occupational health services and enhance the support we provide to employees in client companies. From the new Dublin Clinic, we will continue to drive change […]

Workplace Ergonomics – Why is it Important?

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us spend a significant amount of our time at work. However, many elements can take a toll on our bodies and affect our overall well-being. In this post, we will discuss the importance of workplace ergonomics and how you can maintain your well-being within the workplace. What is Workplace […]

What is Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance is important as it detects ill-health effects at an early stage, so employers can introduce better controls to prevent them getting worse. Some employees may need to take part in a health surveillance programme as part of their existing contract. It also provides data to help employers evaluate health risks. Below is a […]

Prioritising Employee Health as an Employer of Choice 

Prioritising Employee Health as an Employer of Choice  Executive Medicals – comprehensive health screening with Cognate Health As an employer, your people are a core capability, contributing to success within your organisation. Prioritising their physical and mental wellness brings mutual benefits. In an increasingly competitive landscape for talent and the focus on overall workplace wellbeing, your […]

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