Head Office

Led by Professor John Gallagher, our team of occupational health experts have been collaborating with clients nationwide in the design and management of their occupational health for over 20 years.

Our Consultants are registered Specialists in Occupational health and are Fellows and members of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.  Occupational Health Physicians use medical expertise to assess fitness for work, advice on workplace adjustments, prevent ill health and promote health and wellbeing. They play a key role in rehabilitation by advising on optimal treatment strategies.

Our Head Office is also comprised of a Head of Client Relationships and a Quality Manager. As part of our service level agreement with clients, we undertake full responsibility for occupational health related services between Cognate Health and our clients and this agreement is extended to our network of occupational health physicians. For the client, this ensures that the performance and the quality of every service are being consistently met and managed accordingly in a timely manner.

Our clients can rely on a central administration team. Occupational Health Administrators provide a key support in the position of occupational health services. Many of our staff have additional medical administrative qualifications and are essential in providing necessary administrative support for scheduling and delivery of clinics in a confidential and supportive manner.

Professor John Gallagher
Jim O’Shaughnessy
Chief Financial Officer
Sharon Cleary
Dr. Kevin O’Sullivan
Dr. Andrew Crosbie
Occupational Health Physician
Ann Shalloe
Human Resources
Denis Weir
Business Development Manager
Sandra Cronin
Charlotte Driscoll
Caroline Foley
Central Administrator


In order to provide a national occupational health service and bring occupational health service provision closer to our clients, we have  developed a network of occupational health physicians (OHPs). Our national OHP network is the first of its kind, providing employers with the full spectrum of occupational health  programs on a truly national basis. Our extended physician network means that no matter where our clients are in Ireland, we’re with them every step of the way to facilitate health and safety in the workplace and to cultivate a culture of organisational performance.


As part of Cognate Health’s National OHP Network, our clients will belong to a network of providers allowing for prompt scheduling of referrals from one point of contact. Our aim is to simplify our contact with clients so instead of being directed to various points of contact to make appointments, obtain reports and manage accounts you will have a single point of contact.


Cognate Health employs staff and contract occupational health nurses that specialise in the provision of occupational health services in the workplace. They provide advice and support on the management of health and safety and are specially skilled in the areas of health leadership and management, fitness for work, health risk management and employee wellbeing.

Every Cognate Health nurse is qualified, competent and experienced to provide nurse-led medical assessments, either at our clinic or our clients’ place of work. This solution is often most suitable for straightforward, non-complex cases.

  1. Meeting employees
  2. Gathering all the relevant information
  3. Getting consent
  4. Arranging collateral medical evidence
  5. Liaising with the employer
  6. Co-ordinating physio or counselling or other treatment strategies
  7. Reporting to the safety team
  8. Assisting with accident investigation
  9. Reporting to the employer and follow up with reviews

We have a very strong recruitment and retention record. We ensure all nurses work to a competency-based training programme, which we provide. We also provide our nurses with structure, policies and protocols to enable the occupational health nurse to work on your site within their scope of practice and professional competence. Our physicians provide clinical supervision while our Head Office Administration team provide support to the on-site occupational health nurse.

For employers that do not have an in-house occupational health department, Cognate Health can supply an occupational health nurse to provide medical assessments on-site, from 5 days a week to 1 day per month.