New Partnership For Cognate Health

Cognate Health is delighted to partner with Chris Mee Group to assist companies in achieving and sustaining wellbeing in the workplace by integrating health & safety, occupational health and wellness programs in the future.

Managing Director of Chris Mee Group, Chris Mee said,

We have helped many of our clients to manage safety in their workplaces and the results are evident in reduced accident rates. Now with the strategic Cognate Health partnership we can enable clients to proactively manage their workplace health also. This will prevent illnesses so that their employees can remain productive and in good health up to and beyond retirement.”

Dr. John Gallagher, MD of Cognate Health commented,

The modern workplace is changing. There is increasing evidence that the integration of health and safety programmes with health promotion and wellness initiatives makes good business sense in the form of safer, healthier, happier workers.

While some tend to focus on a single illness, risk factor (e.g. prevention of heart disease or hazards), on changing personal health practices and behaviours (e.g. smoking, diet) or an isolated wellness initiative, this partnership between Cognate Health & Chris Mee Group aims to deliver a more comprehensive wellbeing approach, which acknowledges the combined influence of personal, environmental, organisational, community and societal factors on employee well-being. Companies recognise that a healthy workforce is essential and leading businesses throughout Ireland are integrating policies, systems and practices conducive to health at all levels of the organisation as part of an ongoing process for improving work and health.

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