Can Cognate Health support consultations in International languages?

Cognate Health is keenly aware of the rich ethnic diversity that exists in organisations in Ireland today. We reflect the diversity of our customers in our teams. Our clinical team and our wider OHP network come from and have worked in twelve different countries across the globe. We can provide consultations, both virtual and face […]

What specific GDPR issues arise when supporting referrals in OH.?

As a rule, medical or surgical procedures may not be conducted without the informed consent of the patient. In general, valid consent must be informed consent, where the patient has enough information to be able to understand what is proposed and the potential risks and benefits. The patient must have the capacity to make the […]

When can I expect the report?

We aim to deliver reports within 2-3 working days following the appointment. Some reports may take longer; for example, if we need to obtain further reports from other practitioners or are awaiting blood test results.

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