Cork Executive Medicals

Our Executive Medicals offer a complete Medical Debrief, which includes:

*A Personal Review and pre-completed questionnaire including health & lifestyle, mental health and wellbeing.

*A Physical Review with an OH Advisor including:

 – Review of Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire
 – Physical Examination to include:-
 – Height
 – Weight
 – Body Mass Index (BMI)
 – Blood Pressure
 – Heart Rate
 – Cardiac Assessment (Resting ECG)
 – Lung Function / Respiratory (Spirometry)
 – Hearing Test
 – Eye Test
 – Stool Blood Test
 – Urinalysis
 – Standard Blood Test to include:-
                         – LIPID PROFILE
                         – GLUCOSE RANDOM
                         – HBA1C
                         – LIVER PANEL
                         – UREA / Creatinine
                         – THYROID PROFILE
                         – VITAMIN B12 / FOLATE/  Ferritin
                         – CALCIUM / CALCIUM CORRECTED
                         – FULL BLOOD COUNT


*Physical Review with an OH Physician including:

 – Medical History / Review Questionnaire matters raised by OHA
 – General Healthcare and advice

– Clinical Examination including:

– Abdominal examination

– Musculoskeletal examination

– Breast examination (female OH Professional available)

– Pelvic examination

*Calcium Score Test can be provided at an additional cost in the Mater Private Cork.           

Your Executive Medicals are simple to arrange, simply share the self-booking link with your team members to set-up their own private profile, arrange an appointment that suits them; and complete their confidential questionnaires.

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