Prioritising Employee Health as an Employer of Choice 

Prioritising Employee Health as an Employer of Choice 

Executive Medicals – comprehensive health screening with Cognate Health

As an employer, your people are a core capability, contributing to success within your organisation. Prioritising their physical and mental wellness brings mutual benefits. In an increasingly competitive landscape for talent and the focus on overall workplace wellbeing, your employee healthcare strategy is crucial.

Our Executive Medical provides a preventative and complete health screening delivered by our expert Occupational Health physicians and advisors. Early detection and intervention can lead to improved outcomes, supporting your employees’ performance and enhancing their overall contribution to the organisation, making health screening a vital service.


Why Executive Medical Screening?

Our comprehensive executive health screening aims to support employee wellness with a proactive and early intervention healthcare approach. While a healthy lifestyle reduces many risks, it is vital to screen for any potential issues or concerns and support an overall health management plan.

As an employer of choice, health screening programmes play a key role in your overall health and wellbeing strategy.

Cognate Health’s complete Executive Medical offering is all encompassing to provide knowledge as part of a confidential service for your employees.


Preventative healthcare – knowledge and support

The purpose of any health assessment is the early identification of illness or ‘high risk’ factors in order to achieve the best outcomes for people and ensure the best medical expertise in addressing any urgent issues or concerns.

The Executive Medical provides knowledge and recommendations on the individuals’ risk factors for major, preventable diseases with a consultation and an in-depth physical review with our highly trained OH professionals. As we know at Cognate Health, knowledge is powerful in prevention and our executive medical screening helps in implementing a programme to avoid developing a preventable disease or becoming a high-risk individual.


What to expect during your Executive Health Screening

Ahead of the appointment, your employee will have access to their own confidential online portal to complete their lifestyle and mental health questionnaires. This allows our teams of experts to review ahead of the session.

A physical examination includes height/weight/BMI; blood pressure; heart rate; cardiac assessment (resting ECG); lung function/respiratory; hearing test; eye test; urinalysis. Standard blood tests will also be carried out.

After the initial consultation and physical examination, a full report from our doctors will:

  • Review the results of blood tests and explain what they mean,
  • Educate on how the results compare to the established targets based on internationally agreed expert opinion, and
  • Formulate an agreed upon management plan, if necessary, to further improve and optimise the individuals’ health.


Data is a Driving Force

According to a 2022 Health at Work report by Quest Diagnostics in a Yahoo Finance article, there is concern around employee wellness checks during the pandemic with three in five (63%) of employees saying they put off routine medical appointments and/or screening over the past two years and about three-quarters (77%) say preventive healthcare is hard to perform during the pandemic.

The report also found that Employee health screening is seen as a must-have benefit to be an employer of choice. Ninety percent of HR executive decision makers (HREs) and 89% of employees believe that health screening programs are essential for a company to be considered an employer of choice that attracts and keeps talent.

Executive health screening plays an important role in any employee healthcare strategy. Cognate Health is in the position to help you, as an employer of choice, to ensure your workforce remains safe, healthy and well.


We have introduced Executive Health Screening from our new Elm Court clinic in Cork city centre. For enquiries, please contact


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