Total Worker Health

In July, I wrote a piece in the Health & Safety Review Journal entitled “Skin cancer the greatest risk to Irish workers“. I referred to the topic at large, the effect of being exposed to diesel fumes and also the link between breast cancer and nightshift work.  Here is the link (this is a paywalled website).

Total Worker Health – Integrating Health Protection & Health Promotion

But as I have previously addressed this topic in an earlier post, I’d like to briefly allude to the other topic mentioned in July’s piece –  the CDC initiative of Total Worker Health.

 Getting the biggest returns for employer’s investment in worker health

I feel that this approach is likely to gain a lot of traction in Ireland and further afield over the next few years as employers begin to analyse closely where they are getting the biggest returns for their investment in worker health. Total Worker Health is a CDC strategy integrating occupational safety and health protection with health promotion to prevent worker injury and illness and advance worker health and well-being. 

Total Worker Health™ integrates occupational safety and health protection with workplace policies, programs and practices that promote health and prevent disease to advance worker safety, health and well-being. Today, emerging evidence recognises that both work-related factors and health factors beyond the workplace jointly contribute to many safety and health problems that confront today’s workers and their families. Traditionally, workplace safety and health programs have been compartmentalised. Health protection programs have focused squarely on safety, reducing worker exposures to risk factors arising in the work environment itself. And most workplace health promotion programs have focused exclusively on lifestyle factors off-the-job that place workers at risk. A growing body of science supports the effectiveness of combining these efforts through workplace interventions that integrate health protection and health promotion programs. Below is an infographic on The Top Reasons to Create A New Pathway For A Safer And Healthier Workforce, taken from the CDC website, using information on US workers. If you would like to know about how you can advance your employee’s health and well-being, please get in touch. +353 (0)21 4536040;   Thanks,   John