Occupational illness Prevention is Better than Cure

(This blog post was updated in October to highlight the above offer to attendees of the Business After Hours event. To avail of this offer, please contact anna@cognatehealth.ie.) Some of you may have been tuning in on the 22nd of May to Red FM, when I spoke with Neil Prendeville on his talkshow about taking care of one’s health. We discussed lifestyle measures, stress, exercise, smoking, technology, alcohol, diet, the sun.

Occupational illness Prevention

We run a Health Check service at the Mater Private Cork. Health Check is a comprehensive review of a person’s health through a series of clinical tests and measures. It can help with early detection of abnormalities or the presence of risk factors for many occupational illnesses. This is of particular benefit where early management plans or treatment can be put in place before an illness develops. The earlier disease is detected, the greater the potential treatment options available and the better the outcome.

The process is made as simple as possible. You can book an appointment online, complete a personal health questionnaire and thereafter, attend for your appointment. The flexibility and benefit of being a hospital based programme is that we can facilitate additional testing or consultation. The Mater Private Cork has recently expanded its cardiology service at its Heart & Vascular Centre and is now the most modern cardiac facility in Munster. Whether you are an individual and would like a state-of-the-art check on your health or someone representing an organisation, please get in touch and we can advise on the right programme for you.