“Today leading companies have learned that because of lost workdays and diminished employee productivity, poor health costs more than health benefits do.” them

The modern workplace is changing. Many of the hazards associated with traditional industry are not as evident and controls in the workplace continue to improve. In their place has been an increasing awareness of the importance of the psychosocial environment at work. More than half of all reported ill health in the workplace is now mental ill health and there is frequent mention in health and safety periodicals of bullying, harassment, stress and productivity­issues that did not feature 10 to 15 years ago.

Allied to this there is increasing evidence that the integration of health and safety programmes with health promotion and wellness initiatives makes good business sense in the form of safer, healthier, happier workers.

Non work­related factors and hazards at work interact and result in many safety and health problems. It makes good business sense to address these through workplace interventions that integrate health and safety initiatives and health promotion and wellness initiatives.

It is not an accident that some of the most successful modern companies are recognising that there is a link between safety and health, worker health and well­being, and overall costs and productivity. They not only manage their health and safety efforts well but also provide healthier food, physical activity, stress management, health education, and health screenings in the workplace. This is the connected approach to workplace health and wellness.

Using the AIM approach we work with our clients to assess how well they are integrating their approach to health and safety and health and wellness initiatives. We identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. In this way we can help to ensure that the investment that our clients make in health and safety and wellness is being used in the most effective way.

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